• Tonsillectomy –Removal of the tonsils due to their enlarged size used to be the norm; however, the standard of care has now shifted towards medically necessity.  Typical current indications for tonsillectomy are: recurrent strep throat infections, obstructive sleep apnea, tonsillar bleeding, abscess, mononucleosis, bad breath, and suspicion for tumor presence. 
  • Adenoidectomy (Children)- This outpatient procedure is commonly performed in those cases where recurrent ear infections are determined to be caused by enlarged adenoidal tissue.  This may or may not be combined with the placement of ear tubes.  This procedure may also be used as the initial treatment modality for those patients with chronic sinus disease.
  • Removal of cysts or tumors– Growths in the mouth and lips are typically due to entrapment of saliva in cystic structures known as mucous retention cysts and mucoceles.  It may also be due to tumor presence.  Meticulously performed biopsies are necessary in order to not only determine the most likely diagnosis, but also to achieve a cosmetically and functionally desirable outcome.  Specimen is usually removed in an en-bloc fashion during this procedure and analyzed in the laboratory in order to determine the nature of the disease. This will dictate the need for further investigation and treatment.
  • Taste disorders –This can be a complex problem as it may be closely related to the disturbances in the ability to smell.  Variety of lesions involving the head and neck region, including tumors of cranial base or sinonasal polyps, can result in this condition.  Dr. Falsafi is uniquely qualified to investigate and treat this condition.

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